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Last year, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) predicted that the commercial drone industry would incur a steady ascent. However, the Administration’s recently published FAA Aerospace Forecast FY 2019-2039 reveals the industry has soared far above its estimations. In 2018, commercial drone operators registered 175,000 new aircraft—a 170 percent increase, far above the 44 percent growth the FAA predicted. The sharp underestimation forced the FAA to update its previous long-term drone industry growth estimates.

One local drone expert says she is not surprised. 

Wynnewood resident Veronica Farr, M.Ed, is the Innovation Academy Program Director for the Achievement House Cyber Charter School, an Exton, PA-based public school that educates students online in grades 7-12 throughout Pennsylvania. Farr is licensed by the FAA to fly drones commercially, and she is responsible for developing Achievement House’s drone education curriculum. 

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