At Achievement House, we believe every student has a unique learning style and different educational needs. We are able to personalize learning plans for our students, to help them develop their own goals, talents, and interests, and overcome any unique challenges and obstacles in their way. Students thrive in our flexible and supportive online learning environment, while developing critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and social skills.

Our Students:

  • Come from every school district in PA;
  • Can take AP and Honors courses;
  • Can earn Microsoft® IT Certifications;
  • Work at their own pace; and
  • Participate actively in their education.

Students come to Achievement House for a variety of reasons. Some seek an environment that is safer than their local school. Some need more challenging courses or a personalized special education. Some are pursuing an interest in the arts, sports, or other endeavors that require flexible schedules. Others need a fresh start or are coping with life situations such as parenting, health concerns, or the need to work.

Is Achievement House right for you?