At Achievement House, the choice is yours. We live in a rapidly changing, technology-driven world. What do you need to learn to be prepared for the future? In our online school, you will build a firm educational foundation and acquire specific skills that have real-world applications. You will develop digital literacy and proficiency with the latest technologies; learn to think critically and solve problems; and become a contributing member of a learning community.

Your Schedule

Your school day doesn’t have to start at 8am! Customize your schedule to fit your goals and learning style. Whether it’s balancing coursework with dance rehearsals, a part-time job, or volunteering, our expert educators will work to help create the schedule that works for you.

Your Student Life

Making new friends while developing skills beyond the classroom is an important part of your educational experience. At Achievement House, you’ll make friends and new memories with classmates from all across the state when you participate in various clubs, special projects and field trips. 

Your Future

Whether you’re on a path to continue your education after high school, join the workforce, or serve in the military, our goal is to provide the best educational experience possible so that you have the opportunity to reach your full potential.


In a traditional classroom setting, with large class sizes and limited periods of time, teachers don’t always have the opportunity to customize learning plans to suit an individual student’s unique skills, talents and learning style. At Achievement House, we differentiate instruction for the varied needs of our students by offering multiple academic levels for core classes. Virtual classes, combined with independent learning opportunities, deliver content at just the right pace for each student.

Virtual Classroom

At Achievement House, you will use our custom-designed, web-based platform to access your coursework. We offer live, online classes daily for direct instruction to students. Live instruction creates a dynamic learning environment and enhances understanding.  You can ask questions, receive immediate feedback, and use our interactive tools to connect with your teachers and classmates.


Achievement House students are given an array of support options to provide them with personal attention throughout their learning journey. With live technical support, interactive help sessions, and messaging tools, to name a few, help is never far away.

Office Hours/Drop-in Center

When a student needs help, we’re here for you. Our certified teachers are available to all students who need support through regular office hours, and our online Drop-in Center. Students may also receive individual assistance daily during the question/answer portion of live classes.

Differentiated Instruction

We recognize that not all students learn at the same pace. To meet our students’ individual needs and move them forward, our core classes are offered at multiple academic levels. This model allows us to customize the pacing and accommodate different learning styles and abilities within each class.

Learning With Technology


You can customize your days to best suit your learning style, grade level, extracurricular pursuits and other demands on your time. Managing your time is a skill you will learn in order to be successful and meet your academic goals.

Your Schedule

Our students learn to balance schoolwork with personal responsibilities such as work, family, and community involvement. See below how different students have achieved this balance in their daily schedules.


See how different students balance their daily schedules

  • Michael, Gettysburg
  • Destiny, Philadelphia
  • Kayla, Sunbury
  • Jaden, Franklin Park

Your Student Life

At Achievement House, staying connected is just another part of your daily routine. You can chat with classmates during live class sessions, make new friends by joining one of our clubs, and keep an eye out for upcoming field trips!

Achievement House offers a variety of virtual clubs that give you an opportunity to get involved and make new friends. Check out a sampling:

  • American Sign Language and Deaf Culture
  • The Anime Experience
  • Bee You: Cultural Awareness
  • Christian Fellowship
  • Cooking Club
  • Debate and Speech
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • ESports
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Gaming Console
  • Gay-Straight Alliance
  • Help Wanted: Tips and Tricks for Finding a Job
  • My Swiftie Era
  • Museums on the Gogh
  • Podcasting
  • Real Time Strategy
  • Social Media Creation
  • Spanish
  • Steps of Success
  • Young Parent Alliance

Don’t see a club that interests you? If you have an idea for another club, we’ll connect you with a teacher to try to make it happen!

Interested in playing sports or other extracurricular activities in your local school district? According to PA School Code law, districts must allow charter and cyber charter students the same opportunity to try out for teams and activities.


The PA School Code, Section 1719-A (14), states: Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, no school district of residence shall prohibit a student of a charter school from participating in any extracurricular activity of that school district of residence: Provided, that the student is able to fulfill all of the requirements of participation in such activity and the charter school does not provide the same extracurricular activity.


For students interested in NCAA eligibility, Achievement House offers NCAA approved courses.

Throughout the school year, we offer various opportunities for student enrichment. Live and virtual college visits, Schoolyard Ventures workshops, schoolwide and grade level assemblies, are among the offerings.

You can also meet and socialize with students on the various special interest trips throughout the year as well as a year-end field trip.


At Achievement House you won’t be alone in your cyber school experience. Our teachers are committed to helping you learn and grow in all your subject areas. The school counselors can help you create a class schedule that works for you. You will have a homeroom coach who gets to know you on both a personal and academic level. You may have a mentor who provides an extra level of personal support to you and your family. Take advantage of all your team members and the things they have to offer. We want to see you reach your full potential at Achievement House!

Your Teachers

Achievement House teachers are PA certified, highly qualified, talented and tech-savvy. They are also caring, devoted educators who to get to know your individual learning needs and styles. Teachers are directly involved in creating the dynamic, customized curriculum accessible through live, online classes and independent assignments. They are available to work with you individually in our Drop-In Center to give you the attention you require. All of these characteristics make our teachers experts in creating an environment in which all students can be successful.

View Teachers Profiles

Your School Counselor

In cooperation with parents, staff, administration and the community, the counselors of Achievement House will provide developmental, educational, preventative and responsive services with the intent of encouraging and supporting the lifelong development of the personal/social, academic and career growth of each student. Achievement House counselors are a resource for students who have questions about schedules, careers, graduation, peer relationships, and much more. Counselors at Achievement House are here to cultivate the whole student and encourage them to seek who they are.

View School Counselors Profiles

Your Homeroom Coach

Every Achievement House student is assigned a homeroom coach. Your homeroom coach will be keeping in close contact with you to monitor your progress, guide you in your schoolwork, remind you of any important dates to remember, and will be a go-to person when you aren’t sure who to contact.

View Homeroom Coach Profiles

Your Mentor

A mentor is a specially trained professional who is positioned to work alongside teachers and counselors to provide an extra level of personal support and assistance to you and your family. Mentors can answer questions, help solve problems, offer support, and serve as the liaison between you and our staff. This unique team member is here to help our students be as successful as possible.

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Your Resources

At Achievement House, we provide all of the supportive resources necessary to ensure all students are successful. Read about a few of these programs below:

Special Education

At Achievement House, special education students are kept in the general education curriculum to the maximum extent possible. However, special education students often need targeted instruction to support their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goal mastery.

Learning support teachers work with students individually or in a small group to provide instruction based on student need. The additional help will firm up the foundation needed to be successful in the general education courses. The learning support teachers can also work with general education teachers in the classroom to provide support for all students.

The Life Skills program is a branch of the AHCCS Learning Support program, and it is designed to service AHCCS students with intellectual disabilities or severe-moderate autism. The curriculum focuses on functional academics geared toward preparing students for independent living. Students in the Life Skills program will take the Pennsylvania Alternate System of Assessment (PASA) exam, designed for students with significant cognitive disabilities. This exam assesses a student’s attainment of Reading, Mathematics, and Science mastery objectives.

Life skills are generally those skills that students will need to survive in everyday life (i.e., money management , hygiene, and shopping for groceries). These skills are essential for students to learn because they enable the transition from school to life in the real world.


English Language Development

The goal of the English Language Development (ELD) Program is to prepare students for responsible and successful independence in the classroom setting. Students learn techniques that promote speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English. A rigorous, standards-based curriculum is conducted in English (with content area clarifications made in the native language, if necessary) through direct instruction, one-on-one tutoring, and interactive web-based programs. The flexible program is based on the oral proficiency as well as the reading and writing needs of each individual learner in order to help each student master school-wide academic content as rapidly as possible.


Title I

In support of strengthening student academic achievement, the Achievement House Cyber Charter School receives Title I funds. Title I is a 100% federally funded supplemental education program that provides financial assistance to local educational agencies to improve educational opportunities for all students. Title 1 programs are designed to help children need the state content and performance standards in reading, language arts, and mathematics. Title 1 is about giving all children a chance. Some students may not have all the advantages other students have. Its goal is to help all children get a good education.


Homeless Services

In accordance with the McKinney-Vento Act, Achievement House Cyber Charter School has designated Mrs. Shana Harris as the Homeless Student Liaison. Your child may qualify for certain rights and protections under the federal McKinney-Vento Act if you live in any of the following situations:

  • In a shelter;
  • In a motel or campground due to the lack of an alternative adequate accommodation;
  • In a car, park, abandoned building, or bus or train station; or
  • Doubled up with other people due to loss of housing or economic hardship.

More information can be found at the National Center for Homeless Education’s (NCHE) website. To find out what services and supports may be available to you, please contact Mrs. Harris at 484-748-1036 or


Education for Children and Youths Program Non Regulatory Guidance

Privacy and Homelessness – FERPA2016.docx



AHCCS process 11.18.19


ECYEH Multilingual Flyer

Educational Rights Student Poster

Homeless Youth Poster – Spanish

Pennsylvania Basic Education Circular 

Procedural Safeguards Notice of Denial of Enrollment 

Education Rights Parents Poster

Student Assistance Program

The AHCCS Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a “systematic team process used to mobilize school resources to remove barriers to learning.” The process begins with a referral from any member of your student’s educational team, including teachers, staff, parents, or even fellow classmates. The primary goal of the AHCCS SAP is to help students overcome identified barriers so that they achieve, advance, and remain in school. If you need further information, please contact the Student Assistance Program Coordinator or the Guidance Department.

Parent Resources

Parent involvement can be key to your student’s education. At Achievement House Cyber Charter School we provide several ways for parents to get involved.

Parent Information Circle
Connect with teachers, staff and other parents. Parent Info Circle Workshops are hosted through Blackboard Collaborate, which is the same online classroom your student will use in their daily life here at Achievement House. These are hosted once per month on various topics that help promote student success, and provide resources and advice on how you can help your student succeed in all aspects of his or her life.

New Parent Orientations
Topics covered during our new parent orientation online sessions include: how to check grades, role of school counselors and mentors, graduation requirements, cyber internet safety, special education in a cyber environment, and much more. All of these meetings are recorded so you always have the opportunity to watch a previous session or review information.

Parent Connect Resource Room
Even our parents are enrolled in a resource room–a place to learn here at Achievement House! Parents can connect with staff, learn tips and tricks to navigate the cyber environment and find important school information and forms.

Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO)
Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) lets you connect with other families at AHCCS, learn about/help plan events and activities, and voice your input. The monthly PTO meetings are live online sessions, so you can attend meetings no matter where you live in the state!


Every high school student is posed with the same question at the end of high school: What now? School counselors and teachers are the support for students asking the questions about life after graduation. Whether your student is interested in college or going into the workforce after graduation, Achievement House is ready to give them the tools and resources to achieve their goals.


Graduation at Achievement House Cyber Charter School is a unique experience. Students from all over the state attend a ceremony with peers that they may not have met in person, but feel a genuine connection with from the classes they attended together online. With the experiences these students receive, Achievement House graduates are ready for the technology-rich world.

Kristin M.

2018 Graduate – ” I love Achievement House! The teachers have been amazing–any questions I had, they were always there. The school has helped me for college because you have to do it yourself in cyber school and it’s the exact same thing at college. I learned to motivate myself. I plan to pursue a career in medicine or athletic training.”

Furthering Your Education


If your goal is to attend college, we offer college-prep and AP courses to keep you on track. Our school counselors use tools such as Naviance to guide your academic path through the college application process.


If you are on the career path, we offer opportunities to develop real-world skills through our Innovation Career Academy which includes Microsoft® IT Academy and Schoolyard Ventures as well as courses in our Business and Technology Department. Additional career-prep course offerings include Career English, Graphic Design, and CPR/AED.