Q: How is attendance taken at Achievement House Cyber Charter School?
A: Students are required to log in to school everyday to earn 990 instructional hours per school year, equivalent to 27.5 hours per week, as mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. If you are absent, you must submit an excuse within 3 school days of the absence, or it will be counted as an unexcused absence. Extended absences must be approved by the principal.


Q: Is Achievement House free?
A: Achievement House is a free public charter school.

Q: What is your Internet Reimbursement Policy?
A: Achievement House Cyber Charter School reimburses parents for Internet fees. Please note:

  • We pay for Internet access only. We do not pay for bundled services such as telephone or TV. When services are bundled, AHCCS will determine a fair Internet reimbursement amount.
  • We reimburse for the school year only.
  • We reimburse for the summer months only if your child is enrolled in and completes summer school.

To receive reimbursement, families are required to submit a minimum of one bill per reimbursement period throughout the school year. At least one month’s bill should be submitted for each of the following periods:

  • Period 1: September, October, & November
  • Period 2: December, January, & February
  • Period 3: March, April, May, & June

The bill submitted for a period may be from any of the months in that given period, (i.e. the first month in a period, middle month in a period, or the last month in a period). The reimbursement payment will be made three times in a year. It will be sent on the last day of each period: November 30th, February 28th, and June 30th.

Eligibility Requirements

Q: What are the eligibility requirements to enroll in Achievement House Cyber Charter School?
A: To be eligible for enrollment at Achievement House, students must be residents of Pennsylvania and must show proof that they completed and passed at least the sixth grade. Students can enroll up to the age of 20 and can finish the school year after turning 21. However, students cannot enroll in Achievement House if they are 21 or older.

Enrollment Process

Q: When should I withdraw my student from his/her current school?
A: Once your student has completed orientation, you may withdraw your student from his/her current school. Students must be in an educational setting during the entire academic year, so withdrawing your student prior to their AHCCS orientation may result in a truant status in your local school district, making you subject to fines and/or court hearings.

Q: What documents am I required to provide in order to enroll my student at Achievement House Cyber Charter School?
A: You must provide the following required documents to enroll in Achievement House Cyber Charter School:

  • Child’s Proof of Age
    • Official birth certificate; OR
    • Passport
  • 2 Proofs of Residence (Family must provide one primary proof and one secondary proof, or 2 primary proofs)
    • Primary Proofs of Residence
      • Utility Bill (water, electric, or gas bill dated within 30-60 days of the enrollment date; must include your name and service address; can NOT be a cell phone bill); OR
      • Mortgage statement or property deed; OR
      • Current lease or rental agreement with signatures of landlord and renter; OR
      • Current property tax statement
    • Secondary Proofs of Residence
      • Current Driver’s License with accurate address; OR
      • Current Driver’s Registration or Insurance Card
  • Child’s Proof of Immunization
    • Evidence of immunizations; OR
    • Statement of Immunization Exemption
  • Charter School Enrollment Notification Form and supporting documents
  • Prior Academic Records
  • Other documents for special circumstances
    • Custody order if legal guardianship is determined by a court order
    • Special Education documentation if your student has had an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) within the past three years
    • Additional Special Education Documentation
      • IEP Exit Documentation
      • 504 Plan
    • Notarized Residency Affidavit if unable to prove residency with the above proofs

Q: How do I obtain copies of my student’s records from their previous school?
A: As a parent/legal guardian or student 18 years old or older, you may request copies of the most recent report card or unofficial transcript, IEP documentation, birth certificate, and immunization records from their file. Do not withdraw from your current school or request a complete copy of the student’s cumulative file prior to completing the enrollment process, as this information will be requested from the student’s previous school upon completion of the enrollment process.

Q: How can I change my address and other contact information?
A: If your address or contact information changes at any point during your student’s enrollment at Achievement House, please contact our Child Accounting department (484-615-6201) so we can update our records.

Q: How do I enroll myself if I am 18 years old or older, or am an emancipated minor?
A: Students who are 18 years old or older must meet age eligibility requirements in their state. Students must also submit academic documentation of all courses attempted since entering the 9th grade. This documentation will be reviewed by a school counselor to determine the student’s eligibility to complete the program requirements before meeting the age cap for enrollment.

Both emancipated minors and students 18 years old or older are required to provide all enrollment documentation before enrolling. Emancipated minors must also submit court documentation for their emancipation.

Flexible Learning Hours

Q: If I enroll in Achievement House Cyber Charter School, will I be able to log in anytime to complete school work, or only during normal school hours?
A: Students must log in each school day and attend all of their classes. We believe the best learning experience is achieved through live class attendance. However, if a student misses live class, they may also fulfill the attendance obligation by watching class recordings. Live class recordings and assignments are available 24 hours a day throughout the week. This flexibility helps you to design a school day that works best for you.


Q: Do I need to own a computer to attend Achievement House Cyber Charter School?
A: No. Each AHCCS student is provided with a laptop computer, printer, and accessories. The laptop must be returned upon withdrawal or graduation from Achievement House. We provide technical support and troubleshooting for your equipment. You will need to secure an Internet service provider, but Achievement House will reimburse you for that cost, per our Internet Reimbursement Policy.

Students’ Rights

Q – Does the school have policies that protect students’ rights?
A – Yes.  Achievement House’s comprehensive “Expected Employee Code of Conduct & Behavior” policy clearly states that all of its employees may not discriminate, harass or bully students on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, culture, religion, sex or sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, disabling condition or vocational interest.