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What does a day of learning look like for our students?

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What makes us different?

Real-time, live teaching

Student engagement is key at Achievement House. Daily interactive classes allow students to be active participants in their online learning and find needed support from teachers during class meetings. Collaboration and personalized instruction using breakout rooms creates a stimulating environment that fosters understanding.

Flexible schedules

Customize your schedule to fit your goals and learning style. Whether it’s balancing coursework with dance rehearsals, a part-time job, or volunteering, our expert educators will work to help create the schedule that works for you.

Certified online educators

All of our teachers are PA-certified educators with deep experience in an online teaching environment. They are experts in their subjects, tech-savvy, and ingenious in finding ways to engage with each student to help them meet their potential. Teachers connect with their students regularly via text, phone, chat, email, and during live classes and office hours.

Support from a team of professionals

At Achievement House you won’t be alone in your online journey. Professional school counselors, mentors, and social workers join forces with teachers and homeroom coaches to provide an extra level of personal support to students and families.

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Online learning is not new to Achievement House

it’s how we’ve always done it



providing a successful, personalized 
and rich learning environment



of real-time online 
teaching experience



engaging and supporting students via email, phone, text, chat, online and in real-time

Did you know?

Achievement House uses the same curriculum standards required by the Pennsylvania State Department Education which allows students to easily transition to Achievement House (and back) from Pennsylvania public schools using the same standards.

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Achievement House Cyber Charter School offers an engaging online 7-12th grade program that enables you to achieve your full potential and reach your educational goals. We are proud to be an accredited, non-profit, PA cyber charter school. We are innovative, creative, and eager to use the newest technology available to prepare you for success in a technology-driven world.

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Questions our parents often ask

What is the curriculum?

Together as teachers and administrators, we build a dynamic and customized curriculum aligned to PA academic standards. We strive to consistently develop a rich learning environment that will support student success. READ MORE 

What’s an average day look like for the students?

You can customize your days to best suit your learning style, grade level, extracurricular pursuits and other demands on your time. Students log in for attendance, check announcements, attend daily live classes, and complete weekly assignments. READ MORE 

What services do you provide for students with an IEP?

Achievement House provides a special education program in accordance with the current federal and state regulations. Our PA certified and highly qualified special education teachers individualize the curriculum to meet the unique needs of each student. READ MORE 

How do we enroll our student?

We get to know you right away. Our enrollment specialists work with you to gather the necessary information and documents to complete your enrollment process. We will send you an enrollment packet that includes an Enrollment Form as well as other supporting documents. READ MORE 

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Did you know?

Online students, by law, can participate in sports, clubs, arts, and any extracurricular activity at their local school district while they are students at Achievement House.

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