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Jan 14, 2022 Jen Brittingham

AHCCS Student Athlete Shining on the Field & in the News

Achievement House Cyber Charter School graduating senior, Isabella DeGori, has not only been a successful student but a terrific athlete. She is making her dreams of playing collegiate Softball at Carlow University. To find out more read HSSN’s article, Leetsdale softball standout follows diamond dreams to Carlow.  

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Mar 01, 2021 Jen Brittingham

AHCCS 10th Grader Finds Success in the Ring

Antwoine Dorm Jr. The road to becoming a pro boxer can be a long and difficult one. A person must be committed and focused on a rigorous training program in order to develop their physical and mental strength. A student athlete who aspires to be a successful boxer must learn valuable time management skills due […]

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Nov 25, 2020 Julia DeBald

AHCCS 9th Grader is Named PSEL Logo Winner

The world of Esports continues to become a growing industry. Whether it’s music that’s inspired by games, brands creating designs inspired by game characters, or casters who explain moves as the game is happening, some would argue that there’s something for everyone in the sports culture that is going global. For 9th grader Jordan Shay, […]

Jordan Shay

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