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A Schuylkill County Cyber Charter School graduate has been accepted into one of the most prestigious military academies in the country.

Angeline Castagna, a New Ringgold senior who attends Achievement House Cyber Charter School, has been accepted into the prestigious Virginia Military Institute in Lexington City, Virginia. 

Castagna enrolled in the Achievement House Cyber Charter School in the 9th grade to accommodate her busy schedule in competitive dance, a passion she has had since early childhood. Because of her hectic rehearsal schedule, Castagna needed to find a school that offered flexible classroom learning options. Her search led her to Achievement House where she enrolled because she was taking thirteen dance classes a week and averaging a total of seventeen hours a week in her studio. Achievement House is a grade 7-12 public charter school that educates students in their homes through the internet enabling scholars like Castagna to take classes at times that work best with their lifestyles. 

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