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Antwoine Dorm Jr.

The road to becoming a pro boxer can be a long and difficult one. A person must be committed and focused on a rigorous training program in order to develop their physical and mental strength. A student athlete who aspires to be a successful boxer must learn valuable time management skills due to the demands of training while also balancing school responsibilities. However, learning to effectively navigate these tasks can teach student athletes discipline and provide a solid foundation for success.  Antwoine Dorm Jr. a 10th grader at Achievement House Cyber Charter School and an aspiring student athlete boxer faces these time management challenges every day.   

Antwoine began boxing when he was just two-years old. He believes the sport has really shaped him into the young man he is today. Antwoine views boxing not just a physical sport but also a mental one. The sport has taught him the true value of staying calm and focusing on his long-term goals.

When asked what he has accomplished so far in his boxing career, Antwoine stated, “I have accomplished a great deal. I am a Nine-time National Boxing Champion and a One-time International Boxing Champion. The biggest accomplishment for me is probably winning the key to the City for York, Pennsylvania.”

Boxing is a family affair for the Dorm’s.  AHCCS Guardian, Antwoine Dorm Sr. is not only his father but also his trainer. Just like his son, boxing has been very influential in his life. Both father and son enjoy meeting new people while competing and networking within the boxing community at each event. Antwoine Sr. has trained over fifteen hundred boxers since opening his gym in 2009. On average, he is training about thirty-fifty athletes at any given time. Antwoine sees his father as two different people. Inside the gym his father is his trainer but outside of the gym Antwoine Sr. is just his father. His father does admit he is still trying to learn how to separate his two roles in his son’s life however he is confident in their special connection.   

Antwoine Sr. stated, “We have a mutual understanding. Sometimes my son and I do not even have to speak. We just have a language that we do not even understand, and we do not even notice that we do it. He understands and I do too, and it doesn’t even have to be boxing related.”

Flexibility is the main reason why Antwoine enrolled at Achievement House Cyber Charter School since he travels throughout the year to compete. The convenience of being able to take school with him wherever he goes is invaluable.  For example, it is easy for Antwoine to log onto his laptop after training at the gym and attend live class. As his boxing career progresses, the educational flexibility that Achievement House Cyber Charter House offers will continue to be beneficial in ensuring Antwoine’ s ongoing educational success.

This student athlete has achieved a great deal during his boxing career, but he is not done yet. At the end of March, Antwoine will travel with his father to Louisiana to compete for a spot on the United States Boxing Team. After graduation, Antwoine hopes to compete in the Olympics and then continue to pursue his dreams and become a professional boxer.