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Countless years of hard work and perseverance has paid off for graduating senior, Zachary Beyer, who is the Salutatorian of Achievement House Cyber Charter School’s 2022 graduating class. Initially surprised,  he is honored to receive this prestigious distinction. This tremendous accomplishment is based upon Zachary earning the second-highest cumulative GPA in the graduating class.

Zachary chose to enroll at AHCCS due to his interest in Esports and the courses offered through the Innovative Career Academy (ICA). After successfully completing the ICA’s Microsoft Office courses, Zachary was able to receive the IC3 Certification and become a Microsoft Office Specialist.

Along with his specialized classes, AHCCS teachers especially Mr. Williamson had an integral role in Zachary’s success as a cyber school student.

“Mr. Williamson is the teacher who inspired me the most while attending AHCCS because of his great passion for teaching. It was so much fun to be in his classes because he really enjoys being an educator, making it easy for his students to excel and to learn.”

During his time at AHCCS, Zachary has overcome challenges, however his greatest accomplishment is successfully taking the AP Calculus exam. Zachary while preparing for this exam was able to reach out to ACHSS teachers and staff as well as a family friend for assistance on difficult content. If Zachary passes the AP Calculus exam, he will be able to obtain college credits.

Zachary explained, “I made it through the class and was able to take the test. We will see, but I think I did well enough.”

As a result of being a cyber school student, Zachary feels better prepared for his future. AHCCS educational model requires students’ to be responsible for timely completion of their coursework.

“Because the majority of my work was self-paced, I learned to efficiently budget my time and not procrastinate. Cyber school education has taught me how to double down and do my work even when I do not want to do it.” 

After graduation, Zachary plans to work as a Sound and Tech Summer Intern at his church and then will attending Neumont College of Computer Science in the Fall. This unique college only offers six bachelor’s degrees focusing on technology and computer science. Zachary is anticipating that his workload in college will be strenuous however he is prepared for the challenge.

“I am not sure what I specifically want to do after graduation, but definitely something related to computers. This college has an excellent career matching program.”

Achievement House Cyber Charter School commends graduating senior, Zachary Beyer, on his  accomplishments and for being named the class of 2022’s Salutatorian. Congratulations Zachary!

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