Achievement House BLOG

Each November, Veteran’s Day is a day to thank and honor all members of our military who have served in both times of war and peace.  After graduation, AHCCS has had a number of students enter the various branches of the military, so if you are thinking about joining learn more from a few of our family members who have served!

AHCCS Logistics Specialist / Purchasing agent Chuck Beagle served in the Air Force for almost 4 years. Mr. Beagle was a Security Policemen for various bases.  He also was a part of the Air Force Honor Guard and served on Presidential Security at Andrews Air Force Base when George Bush Sr was President.

Morris Hendricks is our schools Systems Administrator, meaning he maintains the schools servers, firewalls and equipment. He is a Veteran of the US Navy, where he served for six years as a construction electrician.

How did entering the service prepare you for working in the real world after?

CB: I enlisted just after turning 18. The Air Force helped me mature while teaching in valuable skills such as self-confidence, organization and self-discipline.

MH: It prepared me with the knowledge of diligence, persistence, and timeliness

How has your military experience shaped who you are today?

CB: Serving helped me appreciate the freedom we have in our country and given me a deeper respect for all those that have served before me and who continue to serve after me.

MH: Through serving, I carry a “can do” attitude especially in my work. Additional I always have pride in my ability and the fortitude to know when I need help to ask for it.

What advice would you give to students who are interested in learning more about joining the service?

CB: Especially if a student is not exactly sure what they want to do in their life, joining the service is a great way to do something productive for themselves and serve our great country at the same time. 

MH: There are many different vocations in each of the branches of the military they all require students who are dedicated and highly motivated. The process starts while you are in school now and will carry on with you for the rest of your life.

How do you know if joining the service is right for you? Contact your guidance counselor today to find out!