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Achievement House Cyber Charter School is proud to honor Gage Sims as Valedictorian of the 2021 graduating class. Gage earned this tremendous achievement by excelling academically due to his years of hard work and passion for education.  On Friday, May 21st AHCCS recognized Gage’s accomplishment by taking part in a celebratory surprise drive by to his home. The staff and AHCCS’ very own mascot, Buzzy the Bee, recognized his remarkable academic achievements by presenting Gage with balloons, a lawn sign, and a medal. Staff also decorated their cars with posters and balloons and were able to park to talk and take pictures with Gage and his family.

Gage has been a student at AHCCS since the 7th grade, and throughout his time he has always averaged a grade of A in all his courses. He has also been a dedicated member of the E-Sports team, which has allowed him to explore his interests and build friendships with him teammates. Gage enrolled at Achievement House Cyber Charter School to progress his advanced math skills since he was already qualified to take high school level math courses by the 7th grade.  ACHSS was able to accommodate Gage’s exceptional academic needs by providing him the opportunity to take high school level courses while being in middle school and independently enrolling in some college courses as a high schooler. After graduation Gage will be attending Penn State University and will be majoring in mathematics.  

Over the years Gage has made long lasting connections with his teachers and other Achievement House Cyber Carter School staff members. Being able to celebrate Gage’s achievements in person through the drive by has made this year’s graduation extremely special for him, his family, and the entire AHCCS staff.  

Valedictorian is the highest academic honor and distinction for a graduating high school senior. His remarkable achievements will be recognized, and Gage will be sharing a celebratory speech at this year’s graduation commencement. The Achievement House Cyber Charter School administration and staff is extremely proud of Gage.

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