Achievement House BLOG

As the academic year draws to a close, AHCCS is excited to celebrate outstanding students in our “Senior Spotlight” blog series. This series will highlight students who have achieved remarkable success during their time at Achievement House Cyber Charter School.

Graduating AHCCS Senior, Kylie Connell, is excited for her future to become a reality. Kylie is currently an exceptionally skilled ballet dancer who aspires to work as a veterinarian. She has already had a jump start on her future career goal by working as a dog trainer at Kiwi Dogs while completing almost 30 hours of dance training per week. Being a cyber student has allowed Kylie more time to explore her interests and plan for her future.

Kylie said, “As a cyber student, I’ve learned to adapt to different environments. It’s given me chances outside school to grow socially and get ready for what’s next.”

Kylie has been a ballet dancer since the 5th grade, and in the past year, she had the opportunity to perform at the Miller Theatre in Philadelphia with the Rock School of Dance in their production of the Nutcracker. She performed as a Mirliton, which is a brand-new role that was introduced this year as a lead.

When asked why she enrolled at Achievement House Cyber Charter School, Kylie said, “I chose to enroll so that I could further pursue my passion for dance.”

Being an Achievement House student gave Kylie the opportunity to train professionally and dedicate more days a week to practicing ballet. She also started experiencing some health issues in 9th grade, so her flexible schedule has allowed her to focus on her well-being.

When looking at her future, Kylie is excited to continue exploring her interests in dance and with animals.

She said, “What I’m most excited for in the future is getting to dive more in depth into my interests and getting the opportunity to just pursue my education further.”

Kylie applied to 17 universities and was accepted to 16. She has narrowed down her possible choices to two institutions that both have exceptional dance and pre-vet programs.

Kylie said, “I’ve narrowed it down to either Muhlenberg, which is about an hour from where I live. If I decide to go there, I will pursue dance in a much deeper aspect while preparing for veterinary training and grad school. Alternatively, I would like to go to the University of Tennessee for their pre-vet program.”

She is looking forward to graduation and being able to meet the friends that she has made during her time at Achievement House.