Achievement House BLOG

In celebration of our graduating seniors, our Senior Spotlight Blog series illuminates their achievements and journeys. Honor these remarkable graduates as they step into new and exciting chapters of their lives by following the series leading up to graduation.

Graduating senior Joy Hofman is excited for her future. Joy was accepted into eleven different colleges and will be attending Albright College this fall. She plans to major in Media Communications and Journalism. Down the road, she envisions herself following a career path as a radio personality for music or possibly a True Crime Journalist.

As students start their educational journeys, they face challenges that require resilience. Truancy, the difficulty of attending classes regularly, is one significant challenge. After enrolling at Achievement House, Joy conquered truancy challenges, showing remarkable determination and commitment to education.

She said, “Since I started at Achievement House, I have only missed one day of class since January of last year. Because of my attendance improvements, my grades have gotten better, and I am now a member of the school’s National Honors Society.”

Being a cyber student helped Joy overcome her challenges with attendance. When reflecting on her high school years, Joy has enjoyed connecting with her teachers and receiving their support. Without their additional support, she would not have been as motivated to attend school each day and excel in her assignments.

Joy is planning to attend AHCCS’s in-person graduation ceremony at West Chester University in June. She is ready to celebrate her well-deserved achievements and how far she has come in her high school career.