Achievement House BLOG

Congratulations Class of 2023! Achievement House Cyber Charter School is looking forward to celebrating this tremendous achievement with all our graduates, including Graduating Senior, Jaycie Fredrick.

Jaycie enrolled at AHCCS in ninth grade and believes that being a cyber student contributed to achieving her goals. Achievement House Cyber Charter School schedule flexibility allowed Jaycie to timely complete her coursework as well as work full time enabling her to move closer to her future career goals. Jaycie felt very supported by the teachers at AHCCS and due to this encouragement, she was academically successful and now feels more prepared for the future.

Jaycie said, “My teachers supported my successes and I appreciate every single one of them. All my teachers have helped me in any diverse ways.”

When asked what advice she would give younger students, Jaycie emphasized the importance of having future goals and asking their teachers questions if they are struggling with their schoolwork.

“I used to be scared to ask for help when I was struggling, but students should come forward and speak up if they need help. Students deserve to graduate and enjoy their time in High School.”

After graduation Jaycie is planning to enter the workforce and help care for people with intellectual inabilities. In the future, she envisions herself continuing her education and obtaining her LPN. She is excited to finally complete high school and move onto the next chapter of her life.

“I am excited for my future because I know, one day, I will be a good nurse.”

Jaycie is rightfully proud of her accomplishments. At the age of seventeen years old and a student at AHCCS, she completed the Certified Nursing Accreditation (CNA) course while working full time at an assisted living facility. Although Jaycie had a busy schedule, she was also successful academically.

“I was able to achieve a lot while going to school. It was perfect.”

Achievement House Cyber Charter School congratulates the Class of 2023!