Achievement House BLOG

Graduating from high school is a major step towards adulthood. Fakhra Begum an AHCCS senior is excited to begin the next chapter of her life after her graduation from Achievement House Cyber Charter School.

Fakhra plans to attend a four-year university to major in Cyber Security Administration and has been accepted to Holy Family University for the Fall 2023 semester. In five years from now she sees herself as a college graduate working in a successful position. Fakhra wants to be able to support her parents in the future since they have always provided her with anything she needed to achieve her goals.

“My parents do so much for us. They brought us to American so that we could have better educational opportunities.”

Fakhra feels that her time being a cyber student has prepared her for future in some amazing ways. She is very interested in technology and her AHCCS classes helped facilitate her knowledge in this area.  Being enrolled at AHCCS allowed Fakhra to work at her own pace, provided more flexibility, and supported her in any way to succeed. Also, she learned through being a cyber student the importance of reaching out and asking questions.

“At an in-person school the teacher is right there to help but in online school you must ask. The Achievement House Cyber Charter School teachers were always available to help, and I always felt that they wanted me to succeed and get good grades. They also helped prepare me for the future.”

Fakhra has received a tremendous amount of support from AHCCS staff, including her EL Teacher Mrs. Maraz.

“Just a thank you to her is not enough. She was always there to assist me, she always checked up on me, and asked how she could help me if my grades started to slip. Her support made me feel very happy, and her words are the reason why I decided to work harder and bring my grades up.”

Even though she attended classes virtually, when reflecting upon high school years Fakhra enjoyed joining live class and engaging with her peers in the classroom chat. She also was involved and built connections with other students by joining AHCCS’s online clubs such as Girls in Gaming and YouTube club. Through these clubs she was able to connect with other students who had the same interests as her. Fakhra is also a member of the National Honors Society where she was able to communicate and connect with more of her peers and school staff.

Also, being a cyber student has allowed her the time to excel in her education while working remotely for a credit/debit card company.

“I am proud of myself for being able to graduate high school while being able to work in the comfort of my home. In just three months of working for my current job I was able to be promoted to a supervisor position. Being able to be in cyber school and work has help me achieve a great deal.”

Congratulations Fakhra! AHCCS is awed by your accomplishments and cannot wait to see what you do in the future!