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Every year students across the country celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss on March 2! While many think the holiday may be just for little ones, middle and high school students can still participate in the celebrations just by picking up a good book. Here are a few of our top picks as we say good bye to winter and hello to spring!

  1. “Go Set a Watchman,” released last year was the highlight anticipated novel by the late Harper Lee who passed away in February. The book challenges readers to think about the complexity of history, race and politics in the South that were relevant in the 1950’s.
  2. “This is Where it Ends,” a terrifying but fictional account from Marieke Nijkamp was just released in January. The novel takes place over the course of only 54 minutes and highlights accounts of individual students inside a traditional Alabama high school in lockdown due to an active shooter situation. School safety may not be the main focus of the book, but the overall theme is certainly a concern in this day and age and as many families know, concerns over a child’s safety can be a reason to consider cyber education.
  3. The 2016 Summer Olympic Games will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the month of August – before you tune in, read up on some of your favorite athletes! Aspiring gymnasts may enjoy “Grace, Gold, and Glory: My Leap of Faith,” penned by the 2012 Summer Olympic star Gabby Douglas. NBA player Stephen Curry will most likely be a lock for the US Men’s Olympic Basketball team this summer. While Curry has not yet penned his own book, “The Inspirational Story of Basketball Superstar Stephen Curry” by Bill Redban will give readers background on his upbringing and rise to fame. If those aren’t enough for you, recently retired US Woman’s Soccer star Abby Wambach will release her memoirs this fall.
  4. The film adaptation of “Me, and Earl and The Dying Girl” by Jesse Andrews hits theaters last summer (with a PG13 rating) after a successful debut at the Sundance film festival. If you haven’t seen the film, pick up the book first! Readers will follow the story of Greg and Rachel, a Leukemia patient forced to be friends by their parents– the good the bad and the in between.
  5. “Oh the Places You’ll Go,” by the author who changed children’s books forever – Dr. Seuss. This book takes on a much different meaning for high school students and young adults who are reaching the point in their lives where they are finding their own paths. The book is one of the most frequent gifts given to graduates to help them find their way!

How will you celebrate #ReadAcrossAmerica?

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