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The Guinness World Record for largest convention organized around a single video game was broken last weekend when 12,140 people attended the Minefaire conference in Oaks, PA. AHCCS students and staff were excited to be part of the action and the historic event!

The faire was created by Chad Collins, whose goal is bring together the Minecraft community to share ideas, collaborate and build social skills. The faire featured tons of YouTube sensations, hands on attractions, creative building zones, workshops and live presentations.

Not only did AHCCS take part in the faire by demoing some of the latest tech gadgets that live in the AHCCS offices such as our 3D printer, Pi-Top LaptopMakey-Makey and Ozobot. At the booth, fans could also add Buzzy to their Minecraft world –  our very own AHCCS mascot skin! 

Angelina C, a sophomore from New Ringold area won tickets to the Minefaire and spent the weekend exploring the exhibits at the faire that engaged players to design their own worlds, something that Angelina has been doing for almost 3 years since she started playing. The lineup of gamers, presenters and YouTube sensations spanned all demographics with one thing in common – the love of Minecraft.  

“My favorite part was meeting one of my favorite YouTube Gamers GizzyGazza,”said Angelina. “I waited in line for hours but it was worth it!”

YouTuber GizzyGazza has created hundred of videos all about and using Minecraft. Like many dedicated to the game, GizzyGazza has collected a huge following and currently and has over 1.3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. 

The MineCraft subculture that allows students of all ages to come together to build their own worlds and adventures while subtly learning the concepts of coding and creating. Since its launch in 2011, Minecraft has sold over 106 million copies across all platforms (desktop, console and mobile) and averages 40 million users each month from all over the world.

Did you catch us at the faire? What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments below! 

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