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Each year, during the first week May, charter schools across the country come together and celebrate National Charter Schools Week! The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools encourages supporters of charter education – and cyber charter – share their stories of success with their schools and on social media.

Achievement House gives its students the ability to reach their full potential and educational goals in a flexibly online learning environment – for many in the comfort of their own home! AHCCS is innovative, creative, and eager to use the newest technology available to prepare you for success in a technology-driven world. All courses are in line with the PA Core Standards, but we also offer specialized STEM courses as a part of our school’s Innovation Academy.

Innovation Academy offers courses built on 21st-century learnings by fostering innovation through creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. Students who participate in this program gain marketable skills through projects in 3 areas: Entrepreneurship, Maker Movement, and Computer Science. Take this quiz to see if IA courses are right for you!

Students enroll in cyber charter schools for a variety of reasons – if you are interested in learning more about online education, talk to one of our enrollment specialists who can walk you through the process.

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