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The field of computer science is a driving force in the US economy, but many students aren’t introduced to the concept until college. Only 33 states count computer science courses as a part of high school graduation requirements. We are working harder than ever at AHCCS to introduce our middle school students to computer science concepts.

This week, we want to encourage ALL of our students to commit to an Hour of Code and learn the basic fundamentals of computer science. Code is the cornerstone of a CS education, and is a foundational skill for 21st century job seekers –  even for those who don’t wish to enter the field full time.  

Students who understand how things like the digestive system, photosynthesis and electricity work have a better understanding of the world around them and how those ideas apply to other subjects. Why not teach students to understand algorithms, making an app, or the internet? 

Throughout this week, AHCCS students are encouraged to participate by completing as many 1-hour of code activities as they like! You will be able to receive extra credit for completing up to 3 activities during the week. Check with your Science teacher for details. 

We will end our week on Friday with and activity with Mrs. Chicchi. Visit the Drop-In Center to participate and share some of your own coding experiences!

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