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Achievement House Cyber Charter School field trips provide students the opportunity to safely interact with their peers’ in person. Also, these shared social experiences permit our students, teachers, and staff to build connections in a less formal atmosphere. On Saturday, November 13th, 2021, students, parents, guardians, and staff from Philadelphia and the surrounding areas attended a field trip to Valley Forge National Park. This was the third field trip hosted by AHCCS this school year.

AHCCS 9th Grader, Jonathan Edmond along with his mother and cousins, were among the attendees to visit this beautiful historic location which commemorates the struggles and sacrifices of the Revolutionary War. Valley Forge National Park features over 3500 acres of monuments, historic landmarks, and breathtaking scenery. Jonathan and his family thoroughly enjoyed their trip to this national park and its surrounding area.

“We saw this giant church with windows in it. When the sun was shining it looked nice and each window has a significant meaning. Afterwards we found this large field, so my cousins and I started playing in it. There were giant hay cubes, so we climbed on top of them, and I took some pictures” described Jonathan.

Also, Jonathan’s mother drove around the property which allowed for the group to get out at different points and take photos

Jonathan explained, “The car tour was my favorite part of the trip. I was able to get some pictures of the hills and the cabins.”

Jonathan did not know any of the other students in attendance prior to the trip. Students from different grade levels participated, however he did leave with two new friends. Jonathan connected with two other AHCCS students and their families exchanged contact information to stay in touch after the trip. Jonathan would like the opportunity to go on another school field trip with AHCCS in the future.

Jonathan has an interest in Computer Science and would like to either join a club or take a class in Achievement House’s Innovation Career Academy. Outside of school Jonathan likes to volunteer and is a member of multiple groups, including the Philadelphia Youth Leadership Program. The Valley Forge National Park field trip was a wonderful way for him to partake in a school activity and meet fellow AHCCS students.

Photo taken by Jonathan Edmond

Photo taken by Jonathan Edmond
Photo taken by Jonathan Edmond

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