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Computer and Internet usage has become a crucial part of our everyday lives. Achievement House Cyber Charter School acknowledges the importance of offering industry-recognized certifications courses for aspiring Information Technology students for future professional success.

For example, Achievement House Cyber Charter School currently offers the IC3 (Internet Core Competency) Certification and the Microsoft Office Specialist Associate Certification. Students who earn the Microsoft Office Specialist Associate Certification exhibit the understanding and skills needed for all Microsoft Office programs including Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. The IC3 Certification is ideal for those individuals who want to further their critical computer and internet skills. These accreditations are valuable assets for graduating students seeking employment or college acceptance opportunities,

ACHSS graduates, James Williams has successfully obtained the Microsoft Office Specialist Associate Certification while graduate Kayanne Marti has earned a IC3 Digital Literacy Certification.

James Williams, who obtained the Microsoft Office Specialist Associate Certification, initially enrolled in AHCCS’s Microsoft courses to earn additional credits, but was encouraged by his Computer Science Teacher, Mrs. Carmela Curatola, to take the Microsoft  Office Specialist Associate Certification exam.

When asked how Mrs. Curatola helped him prepare for the exam, James stated, “Mrs. Curatola provided us resources, such as the geometrics site, that contained practice tests based on the actual format of the certification exam. These practice tests assisted in my remembering of information that we learned at the beginning of the course.”

James also explained that the study resources that Mrs. Curatola provided really boosted his confidence when taking the Microsoft Office Specialist Associate Certification exam.

Kayanne Marti wanted to enroll in AHCCS’s Introduction to Computer Science course during  her senior year to obtain the IC3 certification for her resume and future career aspirations.

Kayanne said, “I have always wanted to go into a technology related career. Ideally, I would like to study Cyber Security. I think it is awesome that I have this certification because it could assist  in obtaining a part-time tech job in college and also build my resume.”

Achievement House Cyber Charter School certification programs are perfect for any student who wants to proactively start preparing for their future during high school. Kayanne and James’s certifications showcase their high level of knowledge and skill for their chosen profession and will be instrumental in the achievement of their future career goals.

Click HERE to learn more about the AHCCS Innovation Career Academy Student Certification Program

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