Achievement House BLOG

On Tuesday, January 23rd, Achievement House staff, students, and families attended Pennsylvania’s National School Choice Rally at the State Capitol in Harrisburg, celebrating National School Choice Week. This week serves to educate, motivate, and enable parents to explore diverse educational alternatives for their children, including cyber education. School choice is crucial as it empowers parents to make informed decisions about their children’s education, fostering a system that recognizes the diverse needs and preferences of students.

When asked why School Choice is important to him, AHCCS 12th grader Jordan Shay said, “Being able to pick my school provided me more opportunities to lead. Being at Achievement House has allowed me to succeed more and express myself, and I think that is important for everyone.”

Schools across the state of Pennsylvania gathered at the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, getting pumped up for the march to the Capitol with a DJ, and were given signs and scarves to show their support for school choice. The celebration continued with a two-block march from the center to the front steps of Pennsylvania’s State Capitol. Attending Achievement House staff, students, and their families listened to speakers, including other students, sharing their stories and discussing how the ability to choose their educational path has impacted them. AHCCS students felt a sense of connection and belonging among others who have had similar experiences and have chosen a school that best serves their educational needs.

After the rally, students and families gathered to share a meal while exchanging stories and discussing why they chose Achievement House, building connections. By the end of lunch, students and their parents/guardians were swapping contact information to stay in touch with one another.

To conclude the day’s festivities, Achievement House’s Director of External Affairs, Mr. Guy Ciarrocchi, volunteered to lead a tour through the Capitol for the group. Mr. Ciarrocchi is very familiar with Pennsylvania’s political sphere due to his previous professional experience. Throughout the tour, Mr. Ciarrocchi gave all AHCCS staff, students, and their parents/guardians the opportunity to meet with their local legislators or drop off a note at their offices. Students marveled at the complexity of the architecture as they walked through the complex’s rotunda and chamber rooms.

Jordan said, “Honestly, I enjoyed the entire day, but probably being able to see the younger students getting involved in School Choice is inspiring. I was also inspired by all the leaders present today.”

Overall, the day provided attending staff, students, and their parents/guardians an invaluable opportunity to connect with one another, explore the beautiful Capitol Complex, learn about its history, and share their support for School Choice. Achievement House Cyber Charter School thanks the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools for hosting this event and for their continued support.