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Diamond Chatman

     Graduating senior Diamond Chatman remembers a time in her life when school wasn’t always easy. Concreting on her schoolwork was difficult when she started high school as a result of struggles she faced in her personal life. Through perseverance and hard work, however, she can now say that her greatest success to date has been improving her grades and earning her high school diploma.

I decided that I needed to change my work ethic if I wanted to reach my goals,” Diamond says. “My teachers always reached out to me when they thought I needed a reminder to keep moving forward. All their comments, emails, and recognition are things I will always remember. Without their motivation and encouragement, I don’t think I would have gotten the good grades I ended up with.

     Now that Diamond has successfully completed her high school career, she remembers the teachers who helped her turn this journey around. Her Career Chemistry teacher, Mr. Bruce Williamson, was one of her biggest cheerleaders and wanted to ensure she found success, both in the present and future. Her homeroom coach, Ms. Shirl Vollmer, always knew her focus and determination would take her far.

Diamond has been an exemplary student demonstrating maturity and responsibility,” Ms. Vollmer says. “She is impressive in her efforts to give back to her community while maintaining above average grades and honoring her commitments. Congratulations on your many accomplishments, Diamond!

     Diamond has big plans after graduation, starting with attending online courses at Liberty University this Fall. She will major in Psychology and Criminology while working towards a bachelor’s degree so she can eventually become a state licensed and board-certified psychologist. She even hopes to join the FBI someday after working as a psychologist for a few years! Keep reaching for the stars, Diamond! Your enthusiasm and driven personality are truly an inspiration! 

Zoe Leverett

     Graduating senior Zoe Leverett has been referred to as a symbol of resilience after experiencing some major life challenges throughout this school year. She has proven to herself and her teachers that when life knocks her down, she always gets back up. Her road to graduation was difficult, but her ability to reach the finish line despite this is what makes her victory that much sweeter. 

I am so proud that I made it to my graduation day despite everything I have been through this school year,” Zoe says. “I want to thank my teachers for always believing in me and making sure that I never fell behind even when I doubted myself. Making it through this year truly is my proudest moment to date.

     The support her teachers have provided her with is something she will always remember and treasure about Achievement House. Ms. Trina Knauff has been Zoe’s homeroom coach for the past 2 school years, and she shares how special it’s been to see her grow academically and personally. Ms. Knauff will always cherish their long talks and the bond they formed over the years.

Zoe has such determination to be successful in school while also striving for excellence in her future career goal of Nursing,” Ms. Knauff says. “Her resilience through difficult times inspires me and has shown me that we as individuals can persevere through anything if we put our minds to it. Best wishes to your bright future, Zoe!

     After graduation, Zoe plans to attend the Community College of Philadelphia to become a certified medical assistant. She then hopes to go back to school to become a registered nurse. Your AHCCS family knows you will reach your goals, Zoe, as long as you continue to never give up! Congratulations!


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