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1. Register for a free AHCCS Camp!

Trying something new or improving upon a current skill can boost your confidence.

2. Do crossword puzzles or other word games!

These fun activities can improve your spelling and language skills.

3. Keep reading!

Picking up a book or comic for even 15 minutes a day can maintain your reading comprehension.

4. Keep your body active!

Don’t sleep the day away and make exercise a priority.

5. Get outside!

Sunshine will improve your levels of Vitamin D and serotonin, resulting in a better mood. 

6. Limit your screen time!

Instead of virtual reality, go experience the world around you.

7. Get artsy!

An activity such as drawing, photography or other craft can get your creative right brain fired up

8. Keep a journal!

Writing down reflections about your day can make the summer a more positive experience and help you learn to express yourself.

9. Do independent research!

Pick a topic that interests you and learn all you can about it.

10. Job shadow!

Ask a friend or family member if you can see what they do at work to get ideas about a future career. 

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