Achievement House BLOG

1. Turn on your laptop!

Make sure your equipment is in working order and contact the Help Desk for any trouble shooting.

2. Mark your calendar for the first day of school!

Put your calendar magnet in a place where you will be constantly reminded that school starts on August 31st.

3. Check your mail for our welcome packet!

Pay close attention to any updates that affect the new year.

4. Check your schedule!

Sign into PowerSchool and Schoology prior to the first day to become familiar with your courses, teachers, and when live classes meet.

5. Start waking up earlier!

One week before the first day, adjust your schedule so your body is ready for your new routine.

6. Set up your workspace!

Designate an area of your home with minimal distractions where you can concentrate.

7. Get organized!

Have physical or electronic folders for each class to make it easier to store and find assignments or notes.

8. Keep your parents or guardians in the loop!

Establish a check-in schedule to ensure they will be made aware of your assignments, progress, and grades during the school year. 

9. Be the teacher!

Show your parents and guardians how to login to Schoology and help them get comfortable with the system.

10. Set your goals!

Make a list of realistic expectations for yourself and post them in your workspace to help track your progress.  

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