Achievement House BLOG

1. Be specific!

Pinpoint exactly what you plan to accomplish during the new year.

2. Keep it measurable!

Make sure you have a way to track your progress so you know when you’ve reached your goal.

3. Make sure it’s achievable!

While you should always challenge yourself, avoid choosing resolutions that are out of your reach.

4. Be realistic!

Ask yourself if you have the tools you need to reach your goal.

5. Make it timely!

Decide what your progress should look like at the end of each month to hold yourself accountable.

6. Have a visual representation of your resolution!

Use a checklist, bulletin board, picture, or display that reminds you daily of what you’re working towards.

7. Find a buddy!

Talking about your resolution with others helps you to have accountability and support to reach your goal. 

8. Don’t sweat the slip-ups!

Get yourself back on track before you give up. No one is perfect!

9. Stay focused on your own goals!

Don’t compare your progress to someone else’s.

10. Reward yourself!

Celebrate the small victories along the way.

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