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Jan 07, 2020 Julia DeBald

Extended Interview: Esports at AHCCS

Did you know that AHCCS has high school and middle school Esports teams? Read the story to learn just how far our high school team went in the NASEF Overwatch tournament. Move over child’s play; this is the big’s leagues!

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Dec 09, 2019 Julia DeBald

Prepare for Takeoff: AHCCS Student Flies Drone for the First Time

After showing an interest in drones, AHCCS 8th grader Cooper Dekorte was lucky enough to get the chance to fly one! Click the story to read about his experience and what drove his curiosity to this innovative device.

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Dec 05, 2019 Julia DeBald

10 Tips on How to Reduce Stress

Are the holidays not making you feel as merry as you had hoped? Start following our blog series, Tips on How to Reduce Stress, from now until December 19th to learn how you can start feeling more at ease today! Click the story to find out more!

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Nov 26, 2019 Julia DeBald

3D Printing: A Unique Perspective

Innovation STEAM Academy offers courses that allow students to learn unique 21st century skills. 3D Printing is a course where students think creatively and see their ideas come to life. Click the story to find out more about the class that allows you to create and inspire!

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Nov 19, 2019 Julia DeBald

What’s YOUR Why? Principal Neal Thomas Shares His Love of Education

Having a love for education dates back to his time in the classroom for this administrator! Principal Mr. Neal Thomas tells us why he believes he has the best job in the whole school and what continues to bring him joy everyday.

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Nov 06, 2019 Julia DeBald

10 Tips on How to Keep a Regular Sleep Schedule

Has daylight savings messed with your REM cycle? Follow our blog series, Tips on How to Keep a Regular Sleep Schedule, from now until November 27th to learn how you can become more well rested and improve your overall focus and energy! 3 tips will be posted a week followed by the 10th and final tip on November 27th.

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