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3 D Printing

Do you enjoy creative thinking and problem solving? Have you ever wanted to see your drawings come to life? If these sound like ideas that interest you, check out the new and improved STEAM Innovation Academy course we are offering at Achievement House!

3D printing is a way of the future with unlimited possibilities. As part of STEAM Innovation Academy, we offer high school students the chance to take a 3D printing course even if they have no prior experience using this unique machine. The course allows them to learn how to use a 3D printer through hands on projects. Art Teacher Ms. Nicole Renninger shares with us the inclusive approach she takes when teaching 3D Printing. 

This course engages various types of learners such as creative and analytical thinkers, while allowing students to get hands on with problem-based learning,” she shares. “The goal is for them to utilize their design thinking skills to create real life products.

This semester long course covers 3D printers and their design as well as other printing software. Students can learn how to create 3D scans, design 3D models, perfect models for print and so much more. All materials students need to be successful in the course are sent to their homes. These materials allow students to create numerous hands on projects throughout the semester. Ms. Renninger tells us what cool projects current students of 3D Printing are working on. 

Students are creating pieces of their own 3D puzzle cube through a program called SketchUP, she says. “Another project they will work on this quarter is designing and printing their own keychain. You design it, we 3D print it, then mail it to you to keep!

This introductory course can lead to the possibility of taking a second 3D printing class for another semester, which focuses on creative based problem solving and designing. There is still time to join in on the fun this semester! Talk to your guidance counselor to sign up today!