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Senior Shoutouts 2020 Blog Image Day 4

2020 Senior Shoutouts: Kenzie Pega and Xavian Rivera

Julia DeBald

Kenzie Pega

     Graduating senior Kenzie Pega has been described as a student who strives for excellence. While she feels that going above and beyond is the way she reaches her goals, she also appreciates the help she has received along the way. When she looks back on her time at AHCCS, one of her proudest moments is when she started a fundraiser to raise money for a suicide prevention walk during her Junior year. After turning to her AHCCS family and asking thirty staff members to help, she ended up raising over $200 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

I was very proud that they all came together to support me and the cause,” Kenzie says. “I value the AHCCS teachers so much and will always cherish everything they have done for me. They care about their students and their success, and make sure to check on not just our grades, but also our wellbeing. AHCCS has made my high school experience a great one.

     Kenzie has always felt engaged in her classes because they keep her interested and curious. Her Psychology Teacher, Mr. Steve Sweder, shares what a focused and productive student Kenzie has always been. 

I have known Kenzie for some time now, and she is known for putting great effort into all her assignments,” Mr. Sweder says. “She is pleasant and polite whenever I speak or work with her, and I can tell she has a strong desire to do her best. Most importantly, she never gives up, which will help her pursue her dreams and goals. I wish her the best of luck in her future.

     In the Fall of 2020, Kenzie will attend Misericordia University to major in Education. She hopes to either teach middle school science, history, or focus on special education. We know that whatever she decides to pursue, she will continue to strive for excellence! Congratulations, Kenzie!  

Xavian Rivera

     Graduating senior Xavian Rivera has always had a gift for figuring out what makes people and machines tick. His ability to be a hands-on learner fueled his interest in mechanics. His natural ability to form relationships with others recently led him to develop an interest in advertising. Both these passions are skills that Xavian plans to use in the future. After graduation, he hopes to go on to college and major in either engineering or advertising. 

My interest in mechanics started at a very young age, but my interest in advertising started only a year or two ago,” Xavian says. “My friends created a website where they sold clothing, and I helped the site stand out. I loved the way it made me feel and how I was able to attract people to their product. I have always had ideas in my head about how things should be sold, and I think majoring in advertising takes my skill set one step further!

     Xavian feels that he is prepared to take on college, because he learned how to get back on track with his schoolwork during his time at Achievement House. Even when he got discouraged because he didn’t understand an assignment, his teachers were always quick to help and guide him through it. He appreciates the times when his teachers relieved his stress and encouraged him to keep going. Ms. Katie Mastauskas, Xavian’s 3D Printing teacher, shares why she believes Xavian is such a wonderful student.

I have had the pleasure of working with Xavian over the past two years at Achievement House,” Ms. Mastauskas says. “He is a hard worker and dedicated to go the extra mile to overcome obstacles. His determination shines through in his efforts in class and will help him achieve whatever he sets his mind to do!

     Congratulations, Xavian, on all you have accomplished! Keep looking ahead and best of luck in your future!