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10 Tips Series

10 Tips to Be Your Own Advocate

Julia DeBald

1. Write down what you want to say!

Prepare a script before talking to your teacher.

2. Believe in yourself!

Going into the conversation with confidence will put you in the right state of mind.

3. Decide what you want!

Understand what you hope the result will be.

4. Express yourself clearly!

You are more likely to be understood if your requests are well thought out.

5. Lay out the facts!

Make your case clear and concise.

6. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you!

Allowing yourself to overreact or get upset by a comment will not get you what you want.

7. Go directly to the source!

Schedule a meeting with your teacher during their office hours. 

8. Be reasonable with your expectations!

Make sure your requests are realistic and fair.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Advocating for yourself isn’t about demanding, but rather expressing yourself in a mature way.

10. Follow through with what you say!

Understand what the agreed expectations are to get your result.