Support Staff

Rebecca Redding

location Pottstown, PA

AHCCS provides learning in a home space that is private, controlled, and safe, which can best stimulate your child’s learning. I became a (SAIC) Intervention Facilitator (Attendance Intervention) to incorporate my Social Work background into working within the cyber school setting.

Personal Bio

The most exciting avenue about cyber education is that the student has control of their learning and can progress within their comfortability of learning within the privacy and flexibility of their daily life. I enjoy being a part of the SAIC Intervention Team by being available to help facilitate meetings for students and families that need that extra support throughout their cyber school progress and offer the assistance and referrals to supports as needed on an individual basis. I think educational choice is important in today’s society. It gives the students choice to build their ownership in learning, which allows them to display their learning, knowledge, and differentiation. I am a local, published children’s author (Reba Redd Series) and progressing to more published works. I enjoy photography, gardening, cooking, reading, kayaking, outdoor adventures, and love the beach!

Professional Bio


CORE SUBJECT AREA: SAIC Intervention Facilitator


Bachelor’s in Psychology

West Chester University

CERTIFICATIONS: ACRE (Association of Community Rehabilitators Educator): Working and supporting individuals within the workplace