Achievement House is currently accepting applications for the following positions:


In light of increased enrollment of students with IEPs, Achievement House Cyber Charter School, located in Exton, PA (grades 7 through 12), is currently seeking a Special Education teacher for the remaining 2019-2020 school year and beyond. 

The Special Education Teacher is responsible for developing, writing and maintaining IEPs; generating required data to meet Special Education compliance; providing support to identified students via the computer and phone; working collaboratively with staff to develop accommodations and modifications of the curriculum, and communicating with parents on a regular basis.  In addition, the Special Education Teacher will co-teach with subject area teachers to provide educational support to students with disabilities and any student where assistance can be beneficial.

We are looking for a candidate who possess strong and precise skills in the development and maintenance of IEPs, Quarterly Reports, and progress monitoring.  Must have knowledge of state & federal regulations.  Must possess computer technology skills and/or be able to learn and apply technology skills to meet the expectations of the teaching role and enhance learning.   Candidate should have excellent written and verbal communication skills. A qualified candidate must believe in the ability of all students to learn, contain a skill set to help every student be a successful learner and be committed to continuous learning.

Candidates must have PA Special Education certification.  Additional certification in core subject area is a plus.  Prior experience in a cyber school setting is beneficial but not required.  FBI and child abuse clearances required.  Must also complete Act 126 Mandated Reporter Training.

If you are not familiar with teaching in a cyber environment, I would like to discuss it further with you.  You will find that one of the primary differences is the flexibility that both students and teachers have. The flow of day-to-day responsibilities and management of classes and student progress is different and nearly 40% of our student population are students with IEPs.

Applicants should forward their resume via e-mail at:



Achievement House Cyber Charter School, headquartered in Exton, PA (grades 7 through 12) is seeking a Mentor.  The Mentor position is a full-time, salaried, ten-month position. 

The Mentor provides support, guidance and information about education and opportunities to students to help them achieve their academic potential.  A Mentor serves as a direct link between students and teachers, employment opportunities, and post-secondary education opportunities.  

Mentors are responsible to foster and orient students; communicate with parents, students, and staff; motivate students; monitor students and problem solve with students, families, and staff.  They are also responsible for statistical reporting and analysis. 

Responsibilities also include conducting home visits and travel may be up to 25% overnight travel.

A high school degree is required.  A Bachelor’s degree is a plus.  Previous experience working with youth in an academic or community service organization is desired.  Any work in the area of student counseling is a plus.  Cyber school experience is a positive factor. 

Child abuse and criminal background clearances are required, including Act 168 Disclosure/Release.  Must also complete Act 126 Mandated Reporter Training.

Applicants should forward their resume via e-mail at:


Achievement House Cyber Charter School in Exton, PA (grades 7 through 12) is seeking a Mathematics teacher for the 2020-21 school year. The position is a full-time, salaried, ten-month position (paid over 12 months).

Teaching responsibilities will include:

  • Designing PA standards-aligned lessons and assessments for use in the Cyber environment;
  • Teaching and recording live lessons using an online classroom;
  • Grading lesson submissions according to Achievement House protocol and maintaining records in an online grade book;
  • Communicating course expectations, class times, and upcoming events to students and parents using e-mail, instant messaging, and course announcements.
  • Contacting students and/or parents of students who are struggling and/or not completing assignments
  • Developing and implementing programs of individual and small group help sessions on a regular basis according to student need.

We are looking for Math teacher who brings passion every day and possesses an in-depth knowledge of math and able to effectively demonstrate numeric functions, equations and various mathematical principles to students. We need our teacher to help our students think hypothetically, figure out causes and effects, understand mathematical structures and verify solutions.  Qualified candidates must believe in ability of all students to learn with skill set to help every student be a successful learner and committed to continuous learning.  

Teachers will be trained how to use the online school portal to provide organized lessons, live classes, e-mail communications, course announcements, grading, and be able to locate resource information using search tools.

A PA teaching certificate in Mathematics 7-12 is required.   Must possess the ability to utilize technology and develop necessary technology skills to use online curriculum and Learning Management Systems.  Prior experience in a cyber setting is a plus, but not required.   FBI and background clearances required.  Must also complete Act 126 Mandated Reporter Training.

Applicants should forward their resume via e-mail to: