Achievement House Cyber Charter School & Online Summer Camps is a nonprofit, public PA cyber charter school serving students in grades 7-12.

  • Cost: $250.00 FREE
  • Why Free? This has been a difficult year already for students and parents, and we don’t want cost to get in the way of having a great summer.
  • Who: For any student (you don’t have to be a student of Achievement House) entering grades 5-12.
  • When: Summer camp registration has closed for the 2021-2022 year.

For more information about enrolling in Achievement House for the 2021-2022 school year, click here.

Online Summer Camps

Program Description: Welcome to The Anime Experience! In this camp, we want you to have fun and hang out with other students who have similar interests in anime! In every meeting, we will watch an episode from an age-appropriate anime tv show and have a brief discussion after the show. Once we are done with the discussion, we will move into activities. Activities can vary from drawing different characters, showing off drawings, creating origami creations out of paper, and various other activities related to Japanese cultures such as language and games!

Session Options:

  • July 19-23 10am-11am
  • August 2-6 10am-11am


Session Options:

  • June 12-16 11am-12noon
  • July 26-30 11am-12noon


Program Description: Hand Lettering is a relaxing and fun art form that takes your own handwriting and elevates it into beautiful letters and words that can be put on greeting cards, signs and wall art. In this camp we will review the basic strokes for script lettering using markers and pens. We will also explore how to hand-letter with watercolor paint. By the end of the week, you will know how to letter the entire alphabet using a script font. We will create a project together in class using the techniques that we have learned. Students will have the opportunity to share their progress with the class in a safe and encouraging environment. No experience necessary. Lettering practice sheets and supplies will be provided.

  • July 26-30 1pm-2pm

Program College Bootcamp is designed to offer students a sneak-peek into how to prepare for applying to college, especially if you are an anticipated first-generation college student.  A survey will be distributed to families to determine which topics are the most desired to help students successfully get on the right path to getting admitted to college.  These topics may include but are not limited to:  How to Write a College Essay, entering with a Decided or Undecided Major, How to Determine if a College is the Best Fit, and How to Apply for Financial Aid.

Session Options:

  • July 12-16 1pm-2pm
  • July 19-23 1pm-2pm


Program Description:

If you enjoy creating, then Craft Corner is for you! Let your creative juices flow by making a wide variety of crafts that can be enjoyed by anyone. You will have the opportunity to design, share your work, and collaborate with your peers. A craft kit will be provided.

Session Options:

  • July 10-23 11am-12noon
  • July 26-30 10am-11am

Program Description: Want to game with us this summer? Get ready to make friends with fellow gamers while we play a variety of games each week. We will be using free, cross-platform games that are available on any of the following: PC, Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Switch. Depending on student interest, potential games are: Rocket League, Brawlhala, Valorant, Among Us, Apex Legends, Fortnite and others. Possible activities will include teachers vs. students matches, tournaments (with prizes!), coaching sessions, and optional evening events. We will focus on building a positive online environment and making connections that will last even after Gamers United concludes. It will also be a great pathway to being a part of next year’s esports teams! Students are encouraged to join Gamers United for multiple sessions, as each weekly session will be different.

Session Options:

  • July 12-16 12noon-1pm
  • July 9-23 12noon-1pm
  • July 26-30 12noon-1pm
  • August 2-6 1pm-2pm

Program Description:

Get ready to move and groove! Moves & Motion is an interactive camp that focuses on fitness and having fun. Each day we will explore and experiment with dance moves from a variety of music genres such as hip hop, jazz, Caribbean, Latin, and even line dancing! Students will have a chance to express their creativity through dance, while gaining self-confidence and making connections with peers.

  • August 2-6 11am-12noon

Program Description: Learn to create and design video games using both drop-and-drag software and writing code! Create characters, levels, and challenges for those characters to overcome. Designed for both beginners and those with programming experience, this camp will walk you through the process of conceptualizing and bringing your video game idea to life.

Session Options:

  • July 12-16 2pm-3pm
  • July 19-23 2pm-3pm
  • July 26-30 2pm-3pm

Program Description: Express yourself! You have a story to tell, so why not tell it in poetry? Learn to write self-expressive, autobiographical poems using the topics “Where I Come From” and “Where I Am Going.” Develop a positive attitude through written expression and learn to use your own voice to be heard and understood. Journaling materials provided.

  • July 12-16 3pm-4pm


Program Description: From the beginnings of humankind, music has always played an important role in advancing communication. Together we will explore the evolution of music and its impact on our daily lives.  This engaging camp will give students a new perspective of how music has been used to influence storytelling, religion, the military, politics, and computer gaming. This camp is fast-paced and highly interactive.