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The Valedictorian earns the highest academic honors in his class. Senior, Bobby Thierry, has impressively accomplished this achievement and has been named Valedictorian of Achievement House Cyber Charter School’s 2022 graduating class. Bobby will also have the honor of delivering the valedictory address at this year’s graduation ceremony.

Bobby enrolled at AHCCS in 8th grade to better prepare for himself for the future. AHCCS’s curriculum which offers more project-based assignments and multiple learning methods enabled Bobby to succeed and highlight his knowledge. Also, cyber school allowed flexibility within Bobby’s class schedule for internships and personal projects. He has participated in internships within his local community and at Achievement House Cyber Charter School.

“Being a cyber student has really prepared me for my future. I now feel more ready to enter the workforce due to the invaluable marketable experience gained from my internships and independent projects completed at AHCCS.”

Bobby has developed a website showcasing his various innovative projects created throughout the years. This website highlights Puzzle Cutter F360 Add-in and 3D Printed Ukulele, two projects completed during his internship at AHCCS. Students enrolled in the Introduction to Engineering Design course can create their own ukuleles by following a video created by Bobby. These personal projects are part of an impressive portfolio highlighting programming and engineering expertise. Bobby is looking forward to graduation and starting the next chapter of his life by entering the software development field.

Bobby has enjoyed and been very successful during his time at AHCCS. He is grateful for the ability to work on his projects at home, to attend live class, and to have very supportive teachers. He expressed that he could not narrow down a list of the teachers that he would like to thank. When reflecting back on his accomplishments, he is most proud of earning good grades to achieve honor roll and, of course, being name the class of 2022’s Valedictorian.

Bobby states, ““After my 5 years here at this school, I wish I had the time to say something for each and every one of the teachers.  They were always able to help me with questions, assignments or even just chat during office hours.” 

Achievement House Cyber Charter School congratulates graduating senior, Bobby Thierry, Class of 2022’s Valedictorian! We are very excited for his future!

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