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Achievement House Cyber Charter School strives to offer courses to students in preparation for whatever direction they choose to pursue after graduation. The course, Your Path to College is offered to all high school students who are interested in applying to a college program. Teachers and current students through various course assignments communicate valuable life learning lessons to inspire and motivate.

For example, 12th Grade Guidance Counselor and Course Instructor, Mrs. Angela Galie, in the “Letter to Incoming Freshman” assignment instructed her students to write insightful letters to incoming freshman. The objective of this assignment was to provide students an opportunity to mentor new high school students by writing words of encouragement along with advice to ease their transition from Middle School to High School.

Senior, Ciara Brown, wrote a moving letter that captures the impact that AHCCS had on her life. Ciara believes it is beneficial to share her advice and experiences with younger students to help steer them down the right path when they face challenges.

In her letter she writes, “I like to picture AHCCS high school experience as a big marathon you might be running, but there is always a person there to hand you a towel to break the sweat or hand you a water bottle, that is exactly what the teachers at AHCCS are like. The staff knows how to break the ice with teenagers and tend to find ways to make all of us feel comfortable in our own shoes. I know how it feels to be new, and to fear that everything will be uneasy but here at AHCCS it’s a different narrative.”

Ciara enrolled at Achievement House Cyber Charter School at the beginning of the 11th grade and always has exceled academically in all her courses. One challenge that she has faced while being a student at AHCCS is procrastination. She overcame this challenge by applying herself to her work with dedication and determination.

She shares how incoming ninth graders can succeed in their classes, “It is never worth it to get in the habit of procrastination, and putting things off, expecting it to all be fine. Assignments are as vital as catching a new episode of your favorite show on Friday’s. Your grades will be in jeopardy and can lead to failing a class, and you should make it your priority to keep that from happening.”

Since enrolling at ACHSS, Ciara has been a member of the Cinema Club, Positive Reboot, and Lunch Bunch. These clubs have helped her build a personal connection to ACHSS as well as serving as great stress relievers.

Ciara also wrote, “You should also participate, volunteer, join clubs, and even join a sport team during your high school experience. By doing so, you have a better chance at succeeding.”

After graduation Ciara plans on attending a local four-year university to major in Psychology.

“This school should be in runner up for one of the best schools in the world, due to its diligence in helping students. So, no need to worry about if you’ll like it here. Attending Achievement House Cyber Charter School was one of my best choices I have made in my life” states Ciara.

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