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Tianshuo Yang

     Graduating senior Tianshuo Yang’s last year of high school was full of excitement and new experiences. While completing his senior year courses at Achievement House, he had the opportunity to travel to Spain to study the Spanish language and culture at the University of La Rioja in Logrono after being accepted into a study abroad program. Tianshuo shares what a unique experience it was to be submerged in a foreign environment and having the flexibility of working towards his diploma while in another country.  

I believe that my greatest success at AHCCS was keeping up with my grades while exploring the outside world at the same time,” Tianshuo says. “I lived by myself in a rented apartment in the city and gained real life experience by learning how to cook, shop, and take care of myself. On top of that, I was able to fit into the customs and culture of the local people and learned how to communicate with them in Spanish.

     Tianshuo credits his teachers with contributing to his success through staying connected with him while he was abroad and reminding him about assignments. They know, however, that he succeeded of his own accord by managing his time and making his course work a priority. Even before traveling to Spain, Tianshuo was a member of the Philadelphia Union’s under 19 Soccer League, a team he has played on for the past 5 years. His rigorous schedule that required him to split his time between school and soccer prepared him for his time in Spain. His homeroom coach, Ms. Nicole Longenecker, shares what a pleasure it’s been to work with Tianshuo this school year. 

     Not only has Tianshuo demonstrated tremendous ability and effort in his schoolwork, but he has managed to do so while also maintaining a grueling soccer schedule,” Ms. Longenecker says. “I know that he will succeed in whatever he chooses to do in life!

     Tianshuo hopes to start a new journey this Fall by attending college. He is currently still deciding on a University. He plans to gain more life experiences by traveling to new places, discovering new areas that interest him, and continuing to stay curious. Best of luck on all your future adventures, Tianshuo, and congratulations on your accomplishments!

Matthew Taylor

     Graduating senior Matthew Taylor was a first-year cyber school student when he began his senior year at Achievement House. He quickly adjusted to the online platform and welcomed the new challenges of online schooling with open arms. Today, he is graduating with all As and Bs along with many new experiences and perspectives. 

The fact that I was able to learn about things I never thought I’d be able to experience in high school was what made my time at Achievement House so unique,” Matthew says. “I took a Law and Justice course that taught me about slander, torts, and so many other terms that I never knew interested me. Having the opportunity to study Italian independently through Rosetta Stone was so exciting, because I’ve always wanted to travel to Italy. I’m curious about their language and culture and hope to visit there someday.

     Matthew’s homeroom coach, Ms. Jocelyn Bryson, shares how impressed she was that he took Independent Italian not because he needed the credits to graduate, but simply out of pure interest in learning the language and bettering himself. She describes him as someone who does not let difficult endeavors discourage him. Even during the COVID-19 quarantine, he kept a positive attitude.

Matthew kept diligently working and reaching out for support through this whole crazy time,” Ms. Bryson says. “He didn’t let things get him down and remained focused on what he needed to in order to graduate. I am so proud of all his hard work this school year!

     Matthew hopes to be accepted into The University of The Arts and major in Music Business Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) this Fall. He recently completed a phone interview about why he wants to attend here and is looking forward to hearing from them. He shares his passion for producing music and wanting to learn more about the music business. 

As much time as I dedicate to producing music on my computer, I still have so much I want to learn,” Matthew says. “I want to know what it takes to be a producer and having a music degree will give me valuable perspective.

Best of luck on your future plans, Matthew! We can’t wait to see where they take you!

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